Peacock Valley, famous for a habitat of various species of Peacocks, is sitauted in the suburbs of District Chakwal. Lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and the Salt Range, Chakwal is covered with scrub forest in the southwest, and levelled plains interspaced with dry rocky patches in the north and northeast

The land acquired for the project is located around a beautiful lake which is approximately one and a half kilometres form the M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway just few minutes away from famous Salt Range. Nearly 2.5 hours drive from Lahore and 1 hour from Islamabad, the project would prove to be a house to tourists, families on weekend, recreational and ceremonial trips and to multinational and local companies for business meetings.

The project would comprise of a 200 key resort hotel to be managed by international operator and 40 Pace Managed Resort Villas. With change in people’s lifestyle and dearth of accommodations like this in all over the province, the project is expected to be a great success.

This project is being developed by Pace’s associated company namely Pace Barka Properties Limited.